The Truth About Calories In Wine

The simple truth about calories in wine is that, yes there are calories in wine.  Indeed, unless the product you are eating is almost entirely made up of water or man-made chemicals there are indeed calories in all the foods and drinks that we consume.  It is fair to assume that however the world got here it was designed that way.  Without calories one cannot survive and it has been proved that one can most certainly not survive on love alone.  There are many who have died of a broken heart proving that point without question.  So given that you must consume calories to survive, it is good thing that there are calories in wine, otherwise there would be many winos and other wine enthusiasts who would not be here today.  However, for those trying to lose some of their extra weight, perhaps there should be some consideration of the amount of calories in wine.

Wine As A Fuel Source

There is typically about 60-80 calories in an average glass of wine.  In a regular bottle there are perhaps five to six glasses of wine at most, depending on the size of the glass.  Some of today’s red wine glasses can in fact hold almost a complete bottle.  So, therefore, in a typical bottle of wine there is typically anything from 300 to 500 calories for the sweeter reds and whites.  The existence of calories in wine is a fact, but compared with other things we eat it is perhaps a minimal consideration.  A hamburger can have up to one thousand calories in it, and if you add bacon, almost as much fat as your body needs in a month.  There is not a lot of fat in wine, if any at all.  There is sugar and some small amount of carbohydrates, but even the amount of carbohydrates is relatively small compared to a slice of bread.  Hence, one should consider wine as a good source of calories and with an appropriate choice of varietals, a worthwhile human fuel source.

An additional benefit to wine is the general feeling of wellness it provides to the digestive system and brain, this can not be overlooked when considering the amount of calories in wine as part of dieting plan.

The Benefits Of Drinking Wine

Regardless of the fact that calories exist in wine, wine may benefit you, and should, therefore, be considered as part of a normal person’s diet.  Wines in general, aid in digestion, enhance the food we eat, and certain red wines may even provide enough antioxidants and other goodies that the issue of calories in wine should be a second tier discussion.